The Basics Of The Service

911-Essay is a full-service writing company that is available to students at affordable rates. With a great team offering great value, we are able to provide more students with the help they need online. We will always deliver the following to each and every client:

  • High-quality work
  • Open communication
  • Writers who have a passion for their work

All of these things are apparent in every piece of writing and something that makes a serious difference when a student receives this work and uses it.

At, we greatly value experience when we are hiring our writers and think that students should consider this too. We have been providing impeccable services for clients in need for many years. We are always working to maintain the best team and relationship with our clients.

Founded To Help Students

Helping students is not just a job for any of the writers or customer service representatives at 911-Essay, it is a passion. Being able to impart knowledge on students in a one-on-one writing environment is just one of the ways we are able to help. Our team is also happy to assist by removing the stress of an assignment so a student can learn more effectively.

This passion for our clients and helping them to become better learners and more relaxed students is what drives our low prices and the philosophies of 911-Essay.

Underlying Philosophy

We hope it is already clear how much we care about our clients. At 911-Essay we do not just claim to be passionate about helping students to achieve great things, we have built our entire service around the following philosophy:

At 911-Essay, we aim to provide the very best service for students seeking help at prices that they can afford.

It really does hurt a student in many different ways when they have paid for a service and are disappointed with the results. This is the last thing we would want and will not stand for anything less than total satisfaction.

Students should be happy with the price they are paying and the work they are getting for that price. This is what has made us the safe haven for clients.